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About Abama Belluvue Luxury Resort

Turn-key beautiful homes for families, designed to the highest standards. Abama Bellevue II, the most recent luxury property release, is a collection of six turn-key detached and semidetached residences overlooking the fairways of the golf course, the waters of the Atlantic and the hills of Tenerife. Each of the beautiful single-family homes has been designed by modern architects Virgilio Gutiérrez Herreros and Eustaquio Martínez to the highest standards and with incredible attention to detail.

Perfectly Appointed Elegance

The interior surface area of these beautiful homes is 185-260m2, and they are comfortably settled on 400-550m2 private-access lots. All come with private parking and a private pool, and the two-story villas feature a mini-pool on the first floor. The luxury properties are delivered completely finished, including the outdoor landscaping, so owners have only to choose whether they prefer 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms.

Services & Facilities

Bellevue’s beautiful homes enjoy a community garden and 24-hour security, but owners and guests also have access to the professional tennis complex (within easy walking distance), the beach, and our golf course, one of the finest in Europe.


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Bellevue Villas have piqued architectural interest winning the outstanding prize by the official architectural association of Tenerife.


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